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Night the Giants won the Super Bowl :)

I had a ehh day at work, still not to happy i HATE working sundays. its to busy and well people get mad and pissy. 
and i watched the super bowl with my pop-pop and he was sitting there teaching me about the game of football and i got really into it. i was excited when eli manning throw that pass and the wide receiver jumped up caught it and then got tackled. oh that was sooo awesome!! and then when the guy was running and he sat (or as my pop-pop said “fell” i still think he sat) down i thought that was awesome and hey it was the winning goal :) but i enjoyed learning the game i am now really excited for next season now! :D
and well one of my close and best friends help me realize that i need to stop trying so hard with alex, so i am done texting him, because of what he did last night and today. If/when he texts me yea sure i will respond, but i am not going to try if he won’t, why should i? yea we are suppose to be friends, but that will come with time. i know i always have him as my best friend, but right now its way to hard and painful, so when he is ready to try i am ready. But hopefully when i am up in june for my dad’s god awful wedding i can stop by alex’s house and hang out with him (yes i know it will be awkward, but oh well) because i need that chance for you to get mad and slap them, and i have the right for that one.. he broke up with me in a TEXT MESSAGE!! he says he still cares, but how can you do that to someone you care about? break up with them in the lowest possible way. But after i slap him, we can hang out, watch movies and race on his racing game. but i really need that.

I keep picturing how i met your mother every time i think of this… How i am Ted, and he is Robin ( and yes i know its gender backwards but it works for us) because i need that moment to get mad and slap her. and now look at them, and yes i know its a show, but i hope we can have that great of a friendship, i know one of my friends did that and now two-three of her exs are still really close or best friends with her. so yes i have hope, but i will take a while, because i am trying to get over him, while hoping/waiting (idk the best word for that) that he will text me one time, because i won’t be texting him until i know for sure he wants to make this friendship work. 

Damn that was long, eh oh well <3 

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